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MegaGlam at Armory Arts Week 2016

NYC/MARCH 1–6, 2015

Once again, we descended upon The Armory Show, known as America’s leading international art fair — and, the many related shows and events including: PULSE, Volta, Scope, Spring/Break and Independent.

MegaGlam launched new work and produced our own curated performance stills at the fairs in collaboration with Karl Heine. We were photographed by many media outlets and individuals, and featured in Gothamist’s coverage of the Spring/Break Art Fair preview. Our wearable work was the medium and the message.

Photos ©2016: Scott Lynch–Gothamist, Gregory de la Haba–White Hot Magazine, Valentine Uhovski–Fashion Evangelist at Tumblr, Artsy Projects Armory–Douglas Coupland, Timothy Clary– (AFP) Agency France Presse staff photographer, Vernon Payne–Drawings of Muse, Karl Heine

  • MegaGlam_PIQ_HERoes-1
  • MegaGlam_APIQ_HERoes-2

HERoes at P!Q Grand Central NYC

Custom piece “Superman was a woman” for 2016 invitational show on the theme of the female super hero at P!Q Grand Central, New York.

  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_WynwoodBuilding
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_NYTmagazine
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15-1
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_HeinekenxMontana
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15-2
  • ABMB15_BFA_ArtSlant_CulturedMagazine
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15-3
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_FOXnews
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_KarlSawvokskiDesignMiami
  • MegaGlam_ABMB15_kHyalKarl

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015

We kicked off this year’s edition of Art Basel Miami Beach with our brand new Super Fake Cult™ action apparel and accessories.

We were featured in T New York Times Style Magazine, a television interview on FOX NEWS — The O’Reilly Factor — Watters’ World Art Basel Edition by Jesse Watters, Cultured Magazine, ArtSlant, The Miami Herald’s “Art Basel 2015 holds VIP opening in Miami Beach” video, BFA’s coverage of the Perez Museum’s Annual Party, “What is Art?” by WLRN South Florida Public Radio, #TheBigCheeseMiami at Design Miami/ VIP preview by Dean and Deluca, Greg Mike’s Heineken x Montana Heineken Art Project Lounge at SCOPE Miami Beach VIP preview, VH1 x SCOPE and more.

Photos/Video: ©2016 Helga Traxler–New York Times, Fox News, Cultured Magazine, BFA, WLRN, Miami Herald, Dean and Deluca, Greg Mike, Karl Heine

  • MegaGlam_CTPostSmagazine-1
  • MegaGlam_CTPostSMagazine-2

MegaGlam featured in S Magazine

Thanks to the CT Post Sunday Magazine team for featuring our work on their holiday edition cover.

  • MegaGlam_ABMB15necklace_SenorCornBagSFKleggings
  • MegaGlam_AceHotelTrunkShow2015
  • MegaGlam_ADCholidaybazaar2015
  • MegaGlam_SONOmART2015

MegaGlam Pop-ups

MegaGlam produces pop-up stores and events, and participates in select, highly curated artisan retail markets. Most recently at SONO mART, Franklin Street Works, Art Directors Club Holiday Bazaar, ACE Hotel New York Mini Trunk Show + Sample Sale and others.

  • ConArtistCollective-1
  • ConArtistCollective-2
  • ConArtistCollective_Conicon3_2015
  • ConArtistCollective_Slap2_2015
  • ConArtistCollectiveSlapTruckWynwood2015

Con Artist Collective

MegaGlam art and product at Con Artist Collective, lower east side, New York. kHyal A/K/A MegaGlam featured in the following shows: People’s Choice Award, Conicon 3, Slap 2, Slap 2 Sticker Truck (featured in The Daily Beast) during Art Basel Miami/Miami Art Week 2015.

  • MegaGlam_PIQ_ComicConNewYork2015
  • MegaGlam_PIQ_ComicConNewYork2015-2

New York Comic Con

MegaGlam was invited to participate in New York Comic Con with P!Q. We launched some special edition products including collaborations with DesignerJournals and did a signing on Saturday at the booth.

Photos: ©Karl Heine

  • PIQ-2
  • PIQ-1PIQ-1
  • PIQ-Holiday-1
  • PIQ-Holiday-2

MegaGlam at P!Q

MegaGlam is now featured in P!Q Stores at Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center in New York City; Universal Walk in Orlando; and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Our line features The Weather sKwirl™ and other products including our notebook collaboration with DesignerJournals.


  • MegaGlam_STORY-2
  • MegaGlam_STORY-1

MegaGlam and DesignerJournals get the green light at STORY

In July, Karl Heine (fearless leader of our notebook fabrication partners at DesignerJournals) created and pitched our new pink Italian recycled leather gold foil Weather sKwirl™stamped journal to NYC concept store Story’s Rachel Shechtman, Bradford Shellhammer of Bezar, and Spencer Bailey of Surface Magazine and received a uninamous YES!
  • MegaGlam_PIQ_KuteAsFuh_2015-1
  • MegaGlam_PIQ_KuteAsFuh_2015-2

P!Q Kute As Fuh!

MegaGlam “REJECT” featuring The Weather sKwirl™ in Kute As Fuh! show at P!Q Grand Central, New York. July, 2015. #cute #kawaii

  • PIQ_TwistedMouse2015-2
  • PIQ_TwistedMouse2015-1
  • PIQ_TwistedMouse2015-5
  • PIQ_TwistedMouse2015-3
  • PIQ_TwistedMouse2015-4

PIQ Twisted Mouse Show

March 2015

kHyal, A/K/A MegaGlam featured in PIQ’s “Twisted Mouse” Show at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

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MegaGlam at Armory Arts Week 2015

NYC/MARCH 3–8, 2015

In its seventeenth year, The Armory Show, known as America’s leading fine art fair devoted to the most important art of the 20th and 21st centuries, has become an international institution, bringing artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world. Over time, many other related shows and events have been launched. This year we attended The Armory Show press conference and preview, PULSE VIP/press preview, Volta NY VIP/press preview, Scope Art Show VIP/press preview, Spring Break and Independent Art Fair.

We launched a variety of new work and produced our own curated performance stills at the fairs, and were photographed by many media outlets and individuals including Gothamist and BazaarTeens who were part of an installation curated by Dustin Yellin at Spring Break. Our wearable work was the medium, and our documentation, as well as that of the press and public became part of each interaction, where we freeze-framed moments of human behavior and later analyzed a cross-section that will be used for further artistic development.

Photos: ©kHyal and Karl Heine 2015


  • MetroCurates2015-1
  • MetroCurates2015-2
  • MetroCurates2015-3
  • MetroCurates2015-Alt

Metro Curates, New York

Our MegaGlam “I Do What I Want” Action Apparel has made it’s way from Art Basel Switzerland, to Art Basel Miami Beach, the LA Art Show — and, full circle back to New York City in January at the Metro Show VIP preview where it was captured by the media. Our chipboard squirrel paintings were featured in the show at Umbrella Arts, and we enjoyed finding visual symmetry with Columbian artist Federico Uribe.

©kHyal 2015 | Photos: ©Karl Heine, New York Social Diary and others

  • LAArtShow2015-2

LA Art Show 20th Anniversary

Our MegaGlam “I Do What I Want” Action Apparel made its LA debut at the VIP Preview of the LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

2015 marked the 20th Anniversary of this eclectic show featuring some of our favorite West Coast contemporary artists and galleries.

Thanks to artist and educator Tony Pinto, Kristine Schomaker at Shoebox PR — and,  Baha H. Danesh, Board Member at Brewery Art Los Angeles, Creative Partner at We Choose Art and Producer at L’art Pour L’art for the media hookups and coverage.

©kHyal 2015

  • OtherDresses_poopeaters_street
  • MegaGlam_PinkSerpentDress940x500px
  • SonoSpaces-5
  • OtherDresses_FlowersandCarmenMirandaBot
  • OtherDresses-1
  • AfghanBearTargetHeadDress
  • kHyalKouture_Valentine2014_slide_940x500px
  • BananaDressNYC2013
  • SonoSpaces-1
  • MegaGlam_CowboyCookout_slide_940x500px
  • OtherDresses_AlienCheeseburger
  • OtherDresses_Spring2013_madness
  • SonoSpaces-2
  • SonoSpaces-3
  • SonoSpaces-4
  • SoNoSpaces_DEC2013_940x500px
  • SonoSpaces-6
  • SonoSpaces-8
  • SonoSpaces-9
  • MegaGlam_SONOmART2014_slide_940x500px

MegaGlam Custom Character Dresses

From 2010–2014.

  • MegaGlam at Design Miami/
  • ABMB14_DesignMiami-1
  • ABMB14_DesignMiami-3
  • ABMB14_UntitledArtFair
  • ABMB14-1
  • ABMB14_Untitled-2
  • ABMB14_kHyalwithLawnSignWynwood
  • ABMB14_WynwoodSmileLeggingsPantherCoffee
  • ABMB14_NADA-2
  • ABMB14_WynwoodPinkArt
  • ABMB14_ScopeHeineken
  • ABMB14_SCOPE-1
  • ABMB14_PulseArtFair
  • ABMB14_NADA-1
  • ABMB14_MooScope_Boy_Michi
  • ABMB14_LawnSignWynwood
  • ABMB13_SCOPE-2
  • ABMB14_ICA
  • ABMB_DesignDistrictValentinoMonkeyPants
  • ABMB14_DelToroParty

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

MegaGlam made a splash in Miami this year by launching a new batch of sculptural outerwear and MegaGlam “I Do What I Want” Action Apparel. We were honored to be featured in Design Miami/’s Collectors Lounge “Designing Miami: Celebrating Ten Years” portraiture project within Olson Kundig’s 38 Beams installation photographed by Gesi Shilling.

We were captured by the cameras of dozens of media outlets, and even more art enthusiasts snapped our photo, or stopped us to talk about the work during ABMB’s many events. Our looks were mistaken for the designs of several fashion luminaries including: Versace, Louis Vuitton and Christian Lecroix.

We also installed a new “on-the-fence” lawn sign series public art project in the Wynwood Art District, featuring an all new “I Do What I Want” campaign.

Thanks to the following journalists and photographers for the great coverage: Emily Michot at the Miami Herald, Gesi Shilling at Design Miami/ and ICA’s opening celebration, Texa Gaya at Design Miami/, Sociéte Perrier and Fresh Eggs at Scope Art Fair, Richard Alvarez for WorldRedEye at the Del Toro Art Basel Kick Off Party, moo.com at Scope Art Fair, VH1 + Scope Art + Music Mashup Lounge, Guido F. Castellanos at the Pulse Art Fair preview, Luis Villalon-Meunier in the Wynwood Art District, Rodrigo Gaya at the ICA VIP Opening, Seth Browarnik and Ryan Troy for World Red Eye at the Untitled Art vernissage preview benefit, George Martinez of Miami New Times at the Art Basel Miami Beach preview and Sergio Morariu of EnduRoMania Foundation at Mana Wynwood.

And, big thanks always to Karl Heine, collaborator, model and documentarist.

©kHyal™ 2014 | MegaGlam.com | Photos (unless noted above) by Karl Heine


  • AB2014_CrunchedkHyal
  • AB2014_kHyalStandingNets
  • AB2014_kHyalGiantWhiteHorse
  • DesignMiamiBasel2014_EnteringthePod
  • DesignMiamiBasel_ElectronicWings
  • ScopeBasel2014
  • ListeArtFairBasel2014

Art Basel Switzerland

Our MegaGlam “I Do What I Want” Action Apparel launched in June 2014 at Art Basel, Switzerland, where we received media accolades and dropped off work at Scope Basel. We also crashed Design Miami/ Basel,  Liste Art Fair and the Swiss Design Awards, and were mistaken for all kinds of celebrities including Paris Hilton, what?!

Photos: ©Karl  Heine

  • Gallery66-3
  • Gallery66-1
  • Gallery66-2

Gallery 66 NY | Fashion as Art

Our MegaGlam Cyclops Mickey and Target Rainbow dresses, and Space Age Yeti jacket were all chosen for the FASHION AS ART exhibition at Gallery 66 NY that opened on June 6, 2014. The show was juried by television celebrity and fashion expert Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution, America’s Top Model, MTV’s True Life, Dr. Phil, and The Hills and the City. The exhibition’s second juror was Carla Goldberg, Director of New York City’s Skylight Gallery, as well as the BAU Gallery of Beacon. Ms. Goldberg also sits on the International Coalition of Artist, and the Committee for the Women’s Caucus for the Arts.

All three of our looks were also chosen as part of Kelly Cutrone’s curated Fashion Show on Sunday, June 22nd — featuring creations by artists from across the country.

Photos: ©kHyal and Karl Heine 2014

  • Ojitos-1
  • Ojitos-2
  • Ojitos-3

Ojitos Arte Contemporáneo para niños por Solange Guez

Ojitos logo and branding for Solange Guez Arte Contemporaneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina by our communications firm fiZz Agency. And, MegaGlam Weather sKwirl art featured in the inaugural Ojitos exhibition and event.

  • MetroShow14_logo_weatherskwirls_940x500px
  • MetroShow14_UmbrellaArtsFacebookPage_940x500px
  • MetroShow14_Broil_940x500px

The Metro Show

MegaGlam at with Umbrella Arts Gallery at The Metro Show, January 2014 at The Metropolitan Pavillion, New York City.

Multi-faceted, nationally known, Artist, kHyal, will be at The Metro Show with Umbrella Arts! kHyal is well known for her self-portrait photography and assemblage, multi-media installations, character design and fashion-based work.

Photos: ©kHyal 2014

  • ArmoryShow2014-2
  • ArmoryShow2014_FountainArtFair
  • ArmoryShow2014_VOLTA-1
  • ArmoryShow2014_FountainArtFair-2
  • ArmoryShow2014-1
  • ArmoryShow2014_IDoWhatIWantDress
  • ArmoryShow2014-4
  • ArmoryShow2014-UltraVioletStudioChelsea
  • ArmoryShow2014-VOLTA-2
  • ArmoryShow2014-3

Armory Arts Week 2014

MegaGlam action apparel and Yeti Jacket during Armory Arts Week at The Armory Show, Volta, Fountain and more. Plus, being reunited with an old friend, former Andy Warhol Factory Star, and author of “Famous for Fifteen Minutes,” ULTRA VOILET.

Photos: ©Their respective owners, Karl Heine and Karl 2014

  • ABMB13_BlueDressBlueChairsBeach_940x500px
  • ABMB13_SocietePerrier_940x500px
  • ABMB13_WynwoodWallsHairBlowing_940x500px
  • ABMB13_KarlIlluminatedSpine_940x500px
  • ABMB13_FashionMagazine_940x500px
  • ABMB13_WynwoodCoatBack_940x500px
  • ABMB13_MondrianTriplePlay_940x500px
  • ABMB13_MondrianMuse_940x500px
  • ABMB13_BananaShirt_940x500px
  • ABMB13_WynwoodOlekCoat_940x500px
  • ABMB13_TokiDokiStreetArtBlog_940x500px
  • ABMB13_SoBeCoat2Views_940x500px
  • ABMB13_PULSE_Shrubs_940x500px
  • ABMB13_LawnSignSeries-2_940x500px
  • ABMB13_PinkMickeyDressPicnicTable_940x500px
  • ABMB13_LawnSignSeries-1_940x500px
  • ABMB13_KarlLawnSignInstall_940x500px
  • ABMB13_GinaRemondaPhotographer_940x500px
  • ABMB13_MiamiCurated_940x500px
  • ABMB13_kHyalandKarl_940x500px

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

MegaGlam in Miami including Wynwood Art District public art project “on-the-fence” lawn sign series, character dresses, street tees and sculptural outerwear. Our dresses made the top street style lists from Fashion Magazine, Sociéte Perrier, Miami Curated and more. We were also chosen by the Mondrian Hotel as a #MondrianMuse — the hotel group’s “Most Fashionable Guests,” and our stickers and lawn sign series were covered on the TOKIDOKI Street Art blog. Big thanks to Karl Heine, chief documentor and collaborator on our latest illuminated art fashion accessories.

©kHyal™ 2013 | MegaGlam.com | Photos (unless noted by publication) by kHyal™ + Karl Heine

  • BWxD13-3
  • BWxD13-1
  • BWxD13-2

A Better World by Design

MegaGlam + DesignerJournals collaborated for the 4th year at A Better World by Design EXPO — the green marketplace of the international RISD and Brown University student run conference on social impact design — A Better World by Design.

Photos: ©Lee Moody + Karl Heine 2013

  • EggoArte-5
  • EggoArte-8
  • EggoArte-9
  • EggoArte-4
  • EggoArte-2
  • EggoArte-1
  • EggoArte-7
  • EggoArte-6
  • EggoArte_TravelMediaTV
  • EggoArte-3


MegaGlam in Buenos Aires at Centro Cultura Recoleta represented by Solange Guez Contemporary Art.

kHyal, A/K/A, MegaGlam, was the featured US artist at EGGO Arte — a 60-gallery art fair and conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photos: ©2013 various media outlets + Karl Heine

  • FriezeArtWeek-4
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • FriezeArtWeek-2
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • FriezeArtWeek-5
  • FriezeArtWeek-3
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013
  • MegaGlam at Frieze Art Week 2013

Frieze Art Week New York 2013

The adventures of MegaGlam during Frieze Art Week where we launched our custom Poop Eaters dress and interacted with art, artists and visitors at art fairs across the city.

Photos ©kHyal + Karl Heine 2013

  • AAF-1
  • AAF-2
  • AAF-3

AAF New York

MegaGlam at Affordable Art Fair New York represented by Solange Guez Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2013

  • AIGA-ASMP_IllustratorsShowcaseOrange2013


kHyal, A/K/A MegaGlam featured in invitational show, “Orange” on March 7, 2013

Connecticut Photographers & Illustrators Showcase presented by the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers and the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

What is Orange? Join two local chapters of national art organizations – The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) & the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) – in their eclectic exhibit, Orange.

  • UB_show-intro
  • UB_show-5
  • UB_show-4
  • UB_show-2
  • UB_show-3
  • UB_show-1

Imagined Worlds exhibition at the Schelfhaudt Gallery

Imagined Worlds, an exhibition celebrating humor and fantasy in everyday life, December 12 and run through January 25 at the Schelfhaudt Gallery in the Arnold Bernhard Center, University of Bridgeport.

Featuring works by Rob Beam, Frank Iovino, kHyal, and Frank Foster Post, Imagined Worlds invites the viewer to consider how contemporary culture and media influence one another and how quotidian life is elevated to art.

“These artists are committed to exploring new worlds and territory in art. They are creating pieces that are edgy and whimsical.”

About the artist:

kHyal began creating black-and-white collages as a means to communicate while still a painfully shy child. Her circuitous career in the arts includes 20 years as a graphic designer, art director, and creative director for Gap, MTV, and other clients. Known for her edgy and innovative style, she specializes in avant-garde and youth markets. Her work has been exhibited at numerous museums, including the American Visionary Art Museum, New Britain Museum of American Art, the Outsider Art Fair, and the Cooper Union.


  • kHyal_Lords_SolangeGuezDress
  • kHyalCharacterDressWynwoodWSabmb
  • WynwoodMonkeyHeadLawnSign
  • kHyalSerpentDressABMB
  • kHyalSerpentDressYaYaWynwood
  • kHyalWynwoodABMBScubaLawnSign
  • kHyalKarl_MegaGlamsterReflection
  • kHyalWynwoodCyclopsLawnSign
  • kHyalWynwoodWSLawnSign
  • LoveKatRekaLawnSignWynwood
  • kHyalKarlABMB2012

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

MegaGlam custom character dresses and action apparel, and lawn sign street art. Represented at Aqua12 in South Beach by Solange Guez Contemporary art.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2012

  • fiZzDressDancing
  • fiZzDressEscalator
  • fiZzDressSubway
  • fiZzDressDetailWS

AIGA/NY Holiday Bash

MegaGlam custom fiZz dress hand-crafted from paper and safety pins by kHyal.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2011

  • PinkYetiParisPosterSonoSpaces
  • PictoplasmaParis-1
  • PictoplasmaParis-2
  • PinkYetiDress_detail_Paris

Pictoplasma Paris

MegaGlam in Pictoplasma Paris Post Digital Monsters exhibition at la Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France.

Pictoplasma is the world’s leading Character Design Conference and Festival.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2011

  • ABMB2011_BlueYetiDressSOBE
  • ABMB2011_WS_WynwoodStencil
  • ABMB2011_BlueYetiDressWynwoodPinkGirls
  • kK_DiorArtBaselMiami2011
  • ABMB2011_ScubaJacketWynwood
  • ABMB2011_WeathersKwirlWynwood
  • ABMB2011_Refinery29ScubaJacket
  • ABMB2011_stickersBlueYeti
  • ABMB2011_TripleYetiGorkiTshirt
  • ABMB2011_BlueYetiDressFrenchReporter
  • ABMB2011_WSEyez

Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

MegaGlam custom character apparel and street art during ABMB.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2011

  • PictoplasmaBerlin2011PinkYeti

Pictoplasma Berlin

MegaGlam Pink Yeti featured in Character Walk exhibition at Pavilion der Volksbühne during Pictoplasma, Berlin 2011.

Pictoplasma is the world’s leading Character Design Conference and Festival.

  • TheWeirdandWonderful-1
  • TheWeirdandWonderful-2

The Weird + Wonderful!

The Weird + Wonderful! at Artifact Design Group curated by Obe White featuring The Weather sKwirl™

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2011

  • NokiaVideoShowPictoplasmaNYC2011
  • PictoplasmaNYC2011

Pictoplasma New York

MegaGlam prototype custom character dress, crafted by kHyal out of paper and safety pins.

kHyal was also Included in the video “Pictoplasma Portrait” created by Nokia about Pictoplasma New York 2010.

Photos: ©Karl Heine 2010